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Xpain Solutions is a wife and husband owned company.  We sell a small hand held massage device similar to the tens unit found in Chiropractors offices.  Chiropractors use this product to eliminate pain and Physical Therapist use this product to help expedite the healing process of an injury.  This device is portable so you can do it anywhere or any time.  Get a treatment while working, sleeping, traveling, or just sitting on the couch while watching tv. 
 If you suffer from any back pain, neck pain, joint pain, knee pain, foot pain, or just want a nice deep tissue massage you will want to purchase this great device.
Check out one of our customers testimonials
“The personality of your sales team at the Pet Expo was wonderful..... They work well together and were very helpful and knowledgeable about the product....
Thank you 
Tiffany from Bermuda”

10-15-2013Testimonial for XPain SolutionsFor about two years now, I have not been able to raise my left arm above my head without experiencing pain.  Over time, the pain became more noticeable and would occur even if my arm did not rise all the way above my head.  It became increasingly difficult for me to take off T-shirts or sports bras.In September of this year, I met Nicole and Caleb Tubei at the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo, Texas.  After 20 minutes on their marvelous machine, I was able to use my left arm without experiencing pain.  I purchased the machine and used it a second time at home before I was deployed by the Red Cross torespond to floods in Colorado.  I left the machine at home, but can testify that I was able to use my arm without suffering the entire time of my deployment.  Thank you!Mary Lou

Caleb and Nicole,
Just wanted to let you know that the tens unit you gave to me works perfectly. I have been using it regularly and it has helped relieve some pain.
Billings, Montana
Caleb and Nicole,
First of all I just want to say I love my machine!!!!  I used it on my dad who has Parkinson's Disease, it really seemed to help him. He is not in a wheel chair as of yet and if this would help him to stay walking longer I would like to get one for him. I want to buy one for him.
Thank you so much,
Terria Arps
Choteau, MT 
Thank you,I used it on the way home and my foot is much better, I also used on my knee and then I put on my shoulders and went to sleep. :)
last night I put on my lower back and went to sleep, I may be using it to put me to sleep from now on....;)
Thanks again!
Rebecca, Dallas Dog Show
Hey Nicole
it was wonderful meeting you and you're husband Caleb at the Tampa, Flordia Repoticon Show. This thing is great! I have been zapping myself almost continuously sense we last met! Not only does it relieve pain, but Ive also been using it along side going to the gym for toning my muscle. It does take practice getting the pads set right so you have to take it slow.
Thanks again for the great service,
It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband last weekend in Tampa.  I have used my unit many times and can't say enough about it and can't stop telling friends either.
Take Care,
Allison Jones and Lynn G
Hi Nicole & Caleb, I met you at the Tulsa Dog Show this past weekend and purchased 2 units from you, one for myself and one for my father as a Father's Day gift. Couldn't wait until FD to give it to him so I did yesterday. He sent me a wonderful email this morning telling me how much he used it yesterday and how much he it has already helped his ankle which had been broken several years ago. This is the greatest gift I've ever given him! I continue to marvel over the improvement in my back pain. We can't wait to receive the full manual so we know all the things the unit will do. Thank you both again for providing such a wonderful product.
Holly Faught
Tulsa, OK
Nicole and Caleb
I received a 15 minute massage on Sat. afternoon.  I am 75 years old and still officiate BB games.  That evening I had a championship game in a nearby town.  In fact 2 undefeated teams were playing.  I was pumped.  I am obviously not fast but feel like I am fast enough.  On that evening I was able to kick into a higher gear.  Even ran fast enough to get a slight muscle pull.  Wow I had better slow down.  Am looking forward to regular use of my new unit.  Thanks.   
Ron Slaymaker,
Emporia Kansas.
Hi Nicole and Caleb,
I absolutely love the massager!!  Still working out the kinks on where to place the pads to the get the best out of the time but it's getting better.  
Thanks so much for all your time and patience explaining it all to me!  I tell everyone I know what a great deal it is.  Do you have a one page flyer put together that I can post on bulletin board at my agility training facility?  That should get you quite a bit of business.
Wichita, KS
Hello, me and my mother Jean Bellairs met you at the Dog Show in Wichita, KS this year. She has been meaning to contact you about how great the tens unit is. The real test came when she had a horrible migraine that required an injection. The unit helped her get through the days following the migraine and helped relieve the tension in her neck. I have also borrowed her unit to help with my neck muscle flair ups. I am interested in buying my own unit because there have been times when we needed it at the same time. My step-grandma also wants a unit for her daughter that has chronic pain and my mom has a coworker that is interested.  Also, we really need new large pads, so if we can get more information about that.
Thanks, Shaunna Albert
repeat customers!!
Hi Nicole this is Jaimi Glodek please give me your phone number I am here in Denver and I need to order a set of everything you sold me to order for my friend please give me your number so I may speak with you tomorrow to give you the information to order this and have it sent immediately, Jaimi from the East Cost
Here is the manual for your new massager!!!
brochure.docx (DOCX — 25 KB)
Want to earn free pads for life?!!
Print this brochure and place it in a public spot, and receive 2 free sets of pads!  Plus every referral you send us who buys a unit, you will receive 2 free sets of pads. 
Thank you Amanda from Wichita, KS for posting the brochure on your  bulletin board at your agility training facility!!
You can take to your place of work, your physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, etc..... The possibilities are endless!!
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