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Customer Testimonials

Nicole, we met at the Denver Ski expo. You quickly relieved some shoulder pain I was having so I bought one of your devices. It's a great solution and I've had a few friends ask about it. So I've been playing your role and hooking up friends to the device. You are going to be getting some orders from Fernette Ramnath and Chris Stryker. As I move around, I'll spread the word among my ski and biking buddies. I guess we are at the age of aches and pains. Thanks for turning me on to your device

- Rod Hadash


I love my tens machine I bought mine a few months ago online! I use it for back pain it works better than anything else I have ever tried!!

- Nikki, Florida


I bought 5 HI-DOW'S for Christmas gifts for my family. each one is being used now I gave them to them early. each one love there HI-DOW. ONE GOT FOR THE HANDS GLOVES works great. one got for feel works great as well. 2 got for back and they are all pain free. and i got my husband one he takes with him on the road. he loves his and said he don't know what he would with out it now that he as used it for a while. i am so happy my family is pain free and can enjoy the holidays better now. Thank you NICOLE TUBEI YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ARE HELPING A LOT OF PEOPLE BE PAIN FREE. AND I FOR ONE, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. IF ANYONE IS THINKING ABOUT BUYING A HI-DOW, STOP THINKING AND JUST BUY IT. IT WILL BE THE BEST MONEY YOU SPEND THIS HOLIDAY SEASON FOR SURE. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU BOTH MR & MRS TUBEI.

Lisa Dunn , Georgia